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This website is now obsolete

Please got to Westminster Park Residents Association Portal.

This website is an offshoot of the main website for the Westminster Park Residents Association.

The purpose is to allow users to control email updates from us. Previously we held emails in a spreadsheet and every time we wanted to send out an email update we had to extract the email addresses manually which was fiddly and prone to error. This way allows you to manage your own details and unsubscribe from email updates if you so wish.

You can log onto the system using your email address and password. If you don't know your password you can request a password update. Once logged in, you can update your own details and unsubscribe from future email bulletins. We do hope you will stay on the list, we do not plan to send out many emails and we do like to keep people up to date with items of local interest.

If are not on this site you can register here.

In the future we may categorise the email bulletins so you can unsubscribe from specific areas if they are not of interest. This could be things like, the evergreens, gardening club, local councillor news, and such like.

Please note we are also on facebook and twitter.

Dave Craggs



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